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The trade association for oklahoma's cannabis industry

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the trade association for oklahoma's cannabis industry

New Health Solutions Oklahoma, Inc. (NHSO) is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit trade association dedicated to advancing the medical cannabis industry in Oklahoma through responsible public policy, strategic partnerships, industry research, and professional development.

Our membership includes diverse enterprises and interests related to the research, development, production, processing, manufacturing, testing, distributing, and transporting of medical cannabis and cannabis related products, in addition to individuals and entities providing ancillary services such as banking, finance, marketing, legal, branding, consulting, and infrastructure.

Our goal is the establishment of an innovative, industry-leading medical cannabis industry in Oklahoma built upon industry collaboration, community partnerships, enhance market development and analysis, effective public relations, and a robust presence at our policy making institutions.

On June 26, 2018, Oklahoma voters will determined to approve SQ788, which authorized the legal production, distribution, transportation, and possession of medical marijuana in Oklahoma. Considering the tremendous public health impacts, economic opportunities, and agricultural diversification, NHSO is committed to advancing the medical cannabis industry in Oklahoma by advocating for comprehensive responsible legislation and regulations, while working alongside community stakeholders to build a robust medical cannabis program.


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public policy

As the only statewide organization representing investors and operators in this industry, our staff and contractor lobbyists work with elected officials, agency personnel and interested stakeholders to advance the legislative and regulatory strategies adopted by our members. Through these efforts, our members will be provided advanced political intelligence, an opportunity to educate policy makers, and an advantageous understanding of cannabis policy and state/local regulatory programs. From the Capitol to local town halls, we are dedicated to educating policymakers on critical issues for our industry.

industry research & strategic partnerships

Beyond standard professional networking opportunities, NHSO monitors the most recent industry trends and developments to position our members for success. Whether it's identifying potential for collaborative ventures or market opportunities, our members receive strategic guidance and access to preferred vendor directories. In addition to providing our members with the most current data on market trends, investment opportunities, and industry practices, NHSO aims to facilitate the growth of a sustainable, healthy medical cannabis market through collaborative opportunities for partnership and investment amongst our members. Our goal is to put our members in the best position to be successful in the licensing process, product development, and market realization. Accordingly, NHSO staff and leadership are already fostering partnerships with research institutions and ancillary industries to expand medical, agricultural and industrial applications, best practices and technological innovations.

education & training

Through partnerships with the business, medical and agricultural communities, NHSO will offer continuing education and training opportunities for our membership and community stakeholders regarding new technologies, research and development, and best practices. NHSO staff is actively developing medical resource guides for physicians to understand how cannabis operates and the efficacy of different delivery systems. Additionally, NHSO staff is in the process of compiling a medical directory listing participating physicians in Oklahoma's medical marijuana program.

At our headquarters in Oklahoma City, we are prepared to operate a 10,000 sf training and demonstration facility for members and students to gain hands-on experience with different cultivation techniques, mediums, technology, and processing equipment. 


Opening doors to healing and growth
— bud scott esq, executive director
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