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Located in the heart of Oklahoma City, NHSO consists of members of Oklahoma's business, medical, legal and agricultural communities committed to supporting new economic opportunities and healthy enterprises in the form of the expanding medical cannabis industry. Representing a broad spectrum of experience, skill-sets, and interests, NHSO brings a wealth of knowledge and assets to the development of public policy and market opportunities, specifically related to the medical cannabis industry in Oklahoma. Through responsible regulations, public education and community outreach, we strive to provide Oklahoman's with access to new forms of medical relief, while creating innovative investment opportunities. NHSO and its members are committed to working with the business, medical, legal and agricultural community to ensure the responsible development of the medical cannabis industry in Oklahoma, while preserving public health, deterring drug and alcohol abuse by Oklahoma's youths, and combating the illicit drug trade. 


Bud scott,

executive director

Bud Scott is a licensed attorney with extensive experience representing diverse, innovative clients, including professional associations, agricultural, food and alcohol enterprises, wind energy developers, tribal governments, and cannabis businesses in Colorado and Oklahoma. Bud Scott possesses a unique understanding of national cannabis regulations, land use and zoning laws, food and agriculture regulations, and tribal law, providing NHSO's members with expert legal guidance and strategic planning. From Edmond to Washington, DC, Bud has represented clients before numerous federal, state, tribal and local legislative bodies and regulatory agencies, in addition to having successfully developed and managed several candidate and issue based campaigns.

Bud Scott is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma (BA/Letters, BS/Botany) and the University of Kansas (J.D.), 



Pass Responsible Regulations; The Unity Act— While SQ788 is a step in the right direction, further regulatory guidance is necessary to ensure the safe, responsible implementation of a medical cannabis program in Oklahoma. NHSO is actively working with Oklahoma's lawmakers and community partners to craft a pro-active legislative strategy that builds upon SQ788 and provides clarification, guidance, and direction to patients, medical professionals, policymakers, law enforcement and the business community.

Local Consultation—  in the event the citizens of Oklahoma approve SQ788 and the Legislature passes responsible regulations, NHSO will work with city and county officials to implement sound policies in relation to this emerging industry.

Industry Coordination and Development— Our approach to the development of a responsible, thriving medical cannabis industry in Oklahoma revolves around a collaborative approach amongst our membership. Identifying opportunities for partnership, investment, market development, supply, and sales outlets, our staff helps our members recognize areas of investment opportunity and strategies for maximizing resources to establish the most efficient, beneficial cannabis program for Oklahoma's patients.

Education and Awareness — In partnership with stakeholders from the legal, agricultural, medical and business community, NHSO is committed to providing fact-based information on medical cannabis, the latest research and development, legal developments and industry trends. We actively identify opportunities to raise awareness amongst our medical community regarding the benefits of medical cannabis, how this product operates, the impacts of delivery systems, and how to recommend to patients. Additionally, we will offer educational programs to our members and the general public on subjects including cultivation techniques, processing practices, lighting strategies, harvesting practices, water/soil sampling, and other good industry practices.